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       our  stunning garden rooms  are individually designed to complement your garden, and are built to the highest standards.



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A garden studio room has become an increasingly popular way of giving your home additional space without the upheaval of an extension.  A garden room can be multi-functional; an office away from your main home, a teenagers games room, a gym, a weekend party room, or even an additional guest room.


We have designed our own stunning looking room, using a modular design that can built to different sizes.  We use state-of-the-art materials to produce a garden room that meets the same building regulations that an extension to your house would be built to.  Being fully insulated the room can be used in comfort all year round.

We can connect up the services you need in your room.  Often just an electrical connection is required, but we can also provide a water and waste connection, allowing kitchen and/or toilet facilities to be fitted.  Being a landscaping company we can also provide any external landscaping around your room.  A small patio/seating area adjoining the room, using materials and a design to complement the room will both extend the space of the room and help it integrate into the garden.


Our garden studio rooms offer the following:

  • Bespoke designs in a range of styles.

  • Fully insulated construction.

  • Connection of services from house.

  • Powder coated aluminium sliding or bi-fold doors.

  • Internal and external LED lighting.

  • Underfloor heating.

  • Choice of internal flooring (timber, laminate, tiles etc)

  • Internal walls finished with plaster skim and decorated if required.


If you are considering the benefits of adding a studio room to your garden please get in touch to discuss the options in more detail.


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