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A small courtyard garden

This project involved the total redesign of a small garden of a terraced house, and really shows what is possible with just a small space.  To give more sense of space the garden was laid out at 45 degrees to the house.  An existing old ragstone wall along one border was retained, along with the shed at the end of the garden.

The brief was to create a tranquil seating area with a small water feature and planting with all year interest. 

The project included:

  •     Paving with slate tiles

  •     Raised planters and seating using a combination of reclaimed sleepers and brickwork

  •     A small water feature built into one of the brick planters

  •     Planting using a mix of mainly evergreen plants for all year foliage

  •     New fencing and trellis work on one side of the garden

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